14th IAU General Conference - San Juan P.R.

Higher Education and the Global Agenda: Alternative Paths to the Future
The 14th IAU General Conference, 27-30 November 2012, will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, co-organized and hosted by the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico. It has, as its overall theme, Higher Education and the Global Agenda: Alternative Paths to the Future. Speakers and participants will examine how higher education and research are addressing the ‘global agenda’, including the critical issues facing humanity. At the same time, major questions that face higher education institutions themselves, such as the pressure for internationalization and the constraints and opportunities presented by current funding models, will be discussed as these are critical determinants in the role that higher education and research might play in the future.
The IAU General Conference, a major event in the life of the Association, will offer participants both a stimulating thematic programme and interactive Business Sessions on IAU activities. The new IAU President and Board which will lead the IAU for the next four years will also be elected in Puerto Rico.
The upcoming IAU General Conference will examine the role higher education and research have or are playing in the ‘global agenda, and how they can become even more critical partners in these efforts. 
With the many deadlines which the international community has adopted to meet planetary challenges, notably the Millennium Development Goals approaching in 2015,  a lot has changed over the past few years and the respective roles higher education and research do and have to play to address these are constantly being revisited.
Universities are important repositories of humanity’s hope for a sustainable future.  Through teaching/learning, research and community services, their contribution to resolving local and global challenges of poverty and inequality, nutrition, health, environmental degradation and not least, education, is essential.  By focusing many projects on issues such as equitable access and success in higher education, the Education for All initiatives, sustainable development, new ways of thinking about internationalization, the social responsibilities of higher education institutions, among others, the IAU is addressing some of the Global Agenda.  

The General Conference will serve to stimulate greater involvement and participation by universities in these issues and act as a catalyst for finding new ways to achieve these basic but essential goals. This major event in the life of the Association will offer participants:

  • A thoughtful and stimulating Thematic Programme
  • Informative and interactive Business Sessions on IAU activities
  • IAU Members in good standing have the opportunity to be a candidate and to vote in the elections for the 2012-2016 IAU leadership:
    • ​IAU President
    • Administrative Board
  • The most global forum for networking with colleagues worldwide.

Please mark the 27 to 30 November 2012 dates in your agenda and come and participate in the IAU General Conference next year!

More information on the different conference and business sessions will be made available in December.  Logistical details and registration fees will as well be published online soon and you may already wish to look into visa issues, should you wish to attend and run for elections or vote.  
The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, celebrating its 100th Anniversary and the International Association of Universities look forward to hosting you in San Juan, a historic and vibrant walled city, one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean.

For more information please contact IAU website www.iau-aiu.net

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14th IAU General Conference Preliminary Programme (english / french versions)

14th IAU General Conference Preliminary Programme (spanish version)

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Educación Superior y la Agenda Global Alternativas para el Futuro

14ta Conferencia General Asociación Internacional de Universidades (AIU) del 27 al 30 de noviembre de 2012 se llevará a cabo en la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Programa Temático
• ¿Están las Instituciones de Educación Superior atentas a los distintos desafíos que enfrenta la humanidad?
• ¿Cómo y hacia dónde conducen los modelos actuales de la financiación a la escuela superior y la investigación?  
• ¿Representa la globalización una agenda nueva para la internacionalización de la educación superior?

Sesión de Negocios de la AIU
• La Conferencia General de la AIU revisa los documentos de la Política de la Asociación
• Se eligen al Presidente y a los Miembros de la Junta de la AIU para 2012-2016  

Los Conferenciantes Confirmados incluyen:
Sultan Abu-Orabi (Jordania), Philip Altbach (E.E.U.U.), Rafael Aragunde (Puerto Rico), Ernest Aryeetey (Ghana), Jo Beall (Reino Unido), Monique Castillo (Francia), Michaëlle Jean (Canadá), Christian Müller (Alemania/Brasil), Deepak Nayaar (India), Howard Newby (Reino Unido), Geoffrey Scott (Australia), Ismail Serageldin (Egypto), Yang Xinyu (China), y muchos más.

Nuestra audiencia:
La Conferencia General convoca más de 500 ejecutivos de instituciones de Educación Superior y otros representantes principales miembros de la AIU, otras instituciones de educación superior, asociaciones académicas y redes interesadas en los temas y que esperan establecer contactos a través de la red con sus colegas de todo el mundo.

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14ta Conferencia General AIU:  Programa Preliminar version español/francés

14ta Conferencia General AIU: Programa preliminar en español

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